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I've created this blog to have an easy updatable way of providing content, learning resources, as well as talk a bit about the development we do.
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DevelopmentPosted by Ulven Wed, April 09, 2008 16:46:16
Our footsteps module for messiah, "Walker", should soon be ready for beta testing. It allows for the parametrisation of any walkcycle into a repeatable, resizable walkcycle that can be fitted to any character.
The walker will come with a few preset walks and a file in which you can create your own.
There are very few limitations on how the rig needs to be in order to use it and it will be able
to fit on anything from a rocket powered voodoo zombie to an undermotivated mouse. No guarantees that the same animation will look equally natural on both though.
You can see the development in phases from the first proof of concept to where it is now:

First "footsteps"

Repeating walkcycle with slidercontrols using only messiah expressions

First propper footsteps

Footstep test walking around a bend and up some stairs

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